Young Poets of Delaware County Poetry Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the 31st Annual Young Poets of Delaware County 2020 Poetry Contest! While we are waiting for this years' winners to be announced, let's look back at some of the winners from 2019.

Angry by Lucas S.
Grade 1, First Place

I’m angry
‘cause I don’t like to write poems.
I’m angry
‘cause I’m getting tired of Ms. Show’ems.
She’s telling me to write some poems,
And I don’t know’ems​
How to write poems.

Snow Day By Tess B.
Grade 3, First

As I look out the window I know where to go,
I’ve seen a whole world that is covered in snow.
I jump out of bed, and downstairs I race,
Open the door find a magical place.
The grass is all gone, the flowers have vanished,
It seems just as though all the green has been banished.
I grab my friends I say “let’s go!”
We race up the street out into the snow.
We make dozens of snowballs and have a grand fight,
Our parents make sure we don’t get frostbite.
We trudge up a hill, sleds by our side,
Eager to catch one last thrilling ride.
The day is now done,
But it has been fun,
We go our own ways,
I head off into the white enchanted maze.

Storm by Makenna L.
Grade 6, First Place

It all starts with a whisper
Loose lips setting free a breeze
Swirling into a nosy ear
It passes through the mind
Catching, collecting, and changing
Rolling off the tip of the tongue
More eyes widen
More ears strain
The bitter breeze twists and tangles
Growing stronger,
More destructive with each heartbeat
Tap once
Tap twice
And it’s released
Darting through the world
Striking hearts,
Gasps slipping out

The wind is now a raging storm
Thunder in everyone’s shouts
Tossing and turning their thoughts
Howling, blasting rumors
The whisperer can try
She can reach out to reel it in
But the sky only darkens
That little flutter of a breath
Transformed into a tempest of a lie

Don’t let the gale consume you
Don’t let the flurry escape
Don’t eagerly fan the breeze
Live in the warmth of a clear, sunny sky

Thunder By Deddeh S.
Grade 12, First Place

It seems to me that no one ever thinks twice about thunder and lightening
We all know that the two just go
But did you know that thunder is Lightening’s biggest fan
When lightning flashes, she flashes with grace and leaves an impression
Then thunder follows to applaud her performance
A performance that she gave no thought on, a natural talent, a gift.
And sometimes a curse
Cursed to be so magnificent
So beautiful and eloquent
That lightening believes it would be easier had she been ordinary thunder
An ordinary clap
An ordinary boom
Of the common crowd
She sometimes imagined the consequences of “stealing the thunder”
To be like everyone else
An insignificant rumble of thunder
But it didn’t appease her because she know she was so much more
She would continue to exhibit excellence
Because she is the emission of light, the electric discharge, the whole show
So when lightning flashes, she flashes with grace and leaves an impression
Then thunder follows to applaud her performance
And lightening takes the applause in all its glory
Because who knows that nobody has ever been struck by thunder








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