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Major Library Events

1849     The cornerstone was laid for the Delaware County Courthouse in Media.

1851     The first court session was held in the current Courthouse.  A law library was housed on the second floor.

1872     The Law Library Association consisting of members of the Delaware County Bar was formed.

1901     Pennsylvania legislature passed a law setting aside a portion of county court fees for "the purchase and support of a law library."

1902     Delaware County Law Library was officially established and housed on the second floor of the Courthouse.

1933     A third and fourth floor were added to the Courthouse with the Law Library relocated to the fourth floor.

1979     Due to the weight of the library's collection, reinforcement of the central section of the Courthouse was undertaken.  The collection was temporarily moved to the Delaware County Bar Association building.

1982     The library collection was moved to the Toal building during renovations to the fourth floor of the Courthouse.

1983     The Law Library returns to the fourth floor after renovations are completed.

1992     In honor of his 28 years of service, the library was dedicated to the Honorable Francis J. Catania by the Delaware County Board of Judges, Delaware County Council, the Delaware County Bar Association, and The Judicial Bicentennial Committee.

1994     Dean Hartung's six Bicentennial murals are hung in the Law Library.  Each mural depicts a stage in Delaware County history.

2005     The Law Library closed for several months for full window replacement and water damage repair.

2006     A section of the Law Library was dedicated to Nicholas D. Vadino Jr. Esquire, former president of the Delaware County Bar Association.