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  Selecting an Attorney 

Although selecting an attorney may seem intimidating, there are many resources that will help to guide Delaware County residents to a representative with whom they will feel comfortable.  Some questions to consider before beginning the search are:

  • Is this person or firm located near me?

  • Is this person or firm experienced in the areas of law that concern me (i.e. custody, bankruptcy, etc.)?

  • How long has this person or firm been practicing?

  • Does this person or firm have a reputation for good legal and ethical practice?

  • Does this person or firm participate in pro bono or reduced rate counsel programs?

The following list is a collection of materials to assist the average user with choosing an attorney.  The print resources can be found in the Delaware County Law Library and are accompanied by their call numbers.  The online resources can be accessed from any computer with Internet capabilities, including the two public use computers located within the Law Library.


Delaware County Bar Association 2006 Annual Membership Directory

Organized alphabetically by attorneys’ last names, this directory provides address, phone, fax, and email information for practicing members of the County Bar.  A separate member website directory is located near the end, as is a supplementary directory of law related phone numbers.  This resource can also be used as a quick reference to courthouse officials and offices.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see reference librarian to use. 


Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory

These directory volumes contain data about lawyers and law firms throughout the United States, and are organized alphabetically by state name, followed by city, and then last name.  The information listed is provided by lawyers about themselves and their law firms and is separated into practice profiles and individual biographies.  The practice profiles also include peer review ratings where possible, which may help in choosing a good firm or lawyer.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF190.H813.  The following are sample listings:


Martindale Hubbell International Law Directory

This two volume set represents law firms and lawyers from over 165 countries and is organized by geographical areas (such as Europe, Middle East, etc.), followed by country name, then city, and finally, by individual last names.  A brief directory of international legal associations is included; it should be noted that North American firms with an international concentration are also incorporated.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF190.H813.


Pennsylvania Legal Directory

In addition to both alphabetical and geographical directories of attorney and firms names, this two-volume set includes jurisdiction and personnel information about state and local courts.  A list of counties and cities, a county map, various contacts at the federal and state level are also available.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF192.P4 P45.


2004 Legal Directory

This directory focuses on lawyer and law firm listing in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks counties.  Several extra directories appear at the beginning of the volume, including federal, Pennsylvania, and county government officials’ contact information.  The listings can be searched by firm name, individual name, or area concentration.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF193.P5 D57.  The following is a sample listing:


The Legal Intelligencer’s 2005 Law Firm Directory

In addition to all of the state of Delaware and southern and central New Jersey, this directory covers Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania.  Names are organized alphabetically within each state.  An index of practice areas accompanies the main directory.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF192.P4 L45.  The following is a sample listing:


Pennsylvania Bar Association Lawyers Directory & Product Guide

A blue comprehensive listing of “all lawyers licensed in Pennsylvania,” as well as their geographic locations and phone numbers is followed by a white directory of individual lawyer contact information organized alphabetically by county.  Finally there is a green index of the law firms’ full names.  A supplementary directory of federal, state, and local organizations is also included.  Updated annually.  In the Delaware County Law Library, see call number KF192.P4 P43


Martindale Hubbell Online Law Directory

The online version of the print directories, this website can be searched for lawyer (or firm) name, location (both national and international), and practice area.  Access is free and available at


Delco Bar Online Lawyer Referral

This site helps the average person determine what types of questions he or she may have and which of Delaware County's lawyers might be best able to handle the matter.  Access is free and available at


Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Designed to help individuals without the means to hire representation, Legal Aid first determines eligibility and then helps that individual acquire counsel from a qualified attorney.  This site contains contact information for the various local Aid offices.  Access is free and available at


American Bar Association

This site offers numerous resources for locating and contacting legal representation in Pennsylvania, with particular focus on those in need of free services.  Also included are documents detailing basic legal rights and information on procedures.  Access is free and available at


Legal Connection

Legal Connection is a free and confidential site that prompts users for information in order to produce a list of attorneys that match the practice areas and geographical locations, among other things.  Access is free and available at