Delaware County Goes RED

Poppy Seed Packets Available at ALL DCL locations

This year marks the Centennial of the United States entering into World War I, known as the war to end all wars. More Americans gave their lives during that war, than during the Korean and Vietnam wars combined, and even though it profoundly shaped the rest of the 20th Century. Millions of men and women responded to the call 100 years ago, including 280 from Delaware County who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

The poem "Flanders Field" was written in 1915 by Canadian Physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrea, in memory of his friend who died in the Great War. The red poppies that grew over the graves of fallen soldiers have become a symbol to memorialize and honor World War I veterans.

Delaware County is going RED in remembrance of World War I by launching a county-wide initiative to plant poppy seeds across the county in honor of World War I veterans. Destination Delco has already begun to distribute the poppy seeds to homes, historic properties and gardens throughout Delaware County. Gardeners suggest planting the seeds in late April or Early May for a summer bloom.

Free poppy seed packets can be picked up at your local library. For more information about poppy seeds, World War I, and how it pertains to Delaware County, visit


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