Wildlife Education

Join us this summer for exciting and informational wildlife education activities and materials that are made possible from a wildlife grant provided by The Community’s Foundation. 

Eyes of the Wild Rescue and Wallaby Tales Events

Join us every Wednesday June 9th – July 14th at 7 pm to meet and learn about 5 new animals each week. This program is approximately 45 minutes long and geared toward children 4 and up. Register here.

Are You Smarter than a Mammalogist Trivia

This fun-filled, interactive game challenges your mammal knowledge. What can we learn by exploring how other mammals are born and raised? With a focus on early childhood, we uncover fascinating facts, amazing adaptations, and parenting peculiarities. There are over 6,000 mammal species, ranging in shape, size, and habitat. Learn about the diverse ways babies develop (in a womb, pouch, or egg), survive (are they “nest,” “cache,” “follow,” or “carry” mammals?), and how fast or slow the young grow up (newborn blue whales gain 8 pounds per hour!).

Come ready to learn, and leave with an appreciation for the diversity in animal adaptations. Dates: Monday, July 19th at 11:00 or Wednesday, July 21st at 7:00. Register here.

Tails & Tales Trivia Sheets

Learn fun and interesting new facts about animals all summer long by playing Tails & Tales trivia! Print out a trivia sheet each week and try to answer the questions using our new collection of eBooks. Answers will be posted every Friday. Trivia sheets are also available at local libraries.

Week One Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book The Most Endangered Animals in the World
      Week One Answers (PDF)
Week Two Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Animal Athletics
     Week Two Answers (PDF)
Week Three Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book It Glows!
     Week Three Answers (PDF)
Week Four Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book It Transforms!
     Week Four Answers (PDF)
Week Five Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Penguins are Awesome
     Week Five Answers (PDF)
Week Six Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Narwhals are Awesome
     Week Six Answers (PDF)
Week Seven Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Killer Whales Are Awesome
     Week Seven Answers (PDF)
Week Eight Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Seals are Awesome
     Week Eight Answers (PDF)
Week Nine Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Animal Facts or Fibs
     Week Nine Answers (PDF)
Week Ten Trivia Sheet (PDF)- use the book Strangest Animals in the World
     Week Ten Answers (PDF)

Wildlife Education at StoryWalk

The books If My Mom Were a Platypus (June) and This is How I Grow (July) will be featured at the Rose Tree Park StoryWalk this summer. 

Wildlife Education Books

Each library will be receiving 4 books for their collection from Science Naturally.  Stop by and check-out a copy of one of these four titles.  Each book has activity pages for you to complete.

This is How I Grow           
Animal Research (PDF)
 Baleen Scene (PDF)
• Elephant Teeth (PDF)
 Whale Blubber (PDF)

If My Mom Were a Platypus
 Adaptable Necks (PDF)
 Biodiversity (PDF)
• Imaginative Mammals (PDF)
 Koala Odor (PDF)

Cuddled and Carried
 Animal Adventure (PDF)
• Touch (PDF)
 What do we call them (PDF)
 Who snuggles and who nuzzles? (PDF)

Babies Nurse
 Habitat Classification (PDF)
 Rhyming Word (PDF)
 What is a mammal? (PDF)
• What’s at the end of your arm? (PDF)

Nature Notebook

Pick up a Nature Notebook from your local library to complete some fun nature and wildlife activities in your own backyard.



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