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Readers' Resolutions

This year I will:

  1. Reread a book I loved as a child.
  2. Finally read that classic from high school I've been avoiding.
  3. Find a book of poetry and read some aloud.
  4. Spend an hour in aimless browsing at a library.
  5. Read a book written in the year I was born.
  6. Create a journal and keep notes about the books and magazines I read.
  7. Assemble a list of addresses of my favorite people and send them my ideas about books.
  8. Read a book to a child.
  9. Gather a few friends and read a play out loud.
  10. Read a book on the history of my town.
  11. Read a book written from a political point of view totally opposite my own.
  12. Read a book about a place I've never been.
  13. Reread a book that I just didn't "get" when I was eighteen.
  14. Ask my favorite librarian to show me some print and online resources for readers.
  15. Read a book written by a non-American.

Courtesy of Camille DelVecchio of the Penfield Public Library in New York.

Readers' Bill of Rights

Allow yourself:

  1. The right to not read.
  2. The right to skip pages.
  3. The right to not finish.
  4. The right to reread.
  5. The right to read anything.
  6. The right to escapism.
  7. The right to read anywhere.
  8. The right to browse.
  9. The right to read out loud.
  10. The right not to defend your tastes.

by Daniel Pennac, Better Than Life, Coach House Press, 1996.


















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